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New York City

The City that Never Sleeps

Lower-Manhattan-from the-Empire-State-Building

What’s unique about New York City?

What isn’t unique about New York City!? New York is a place unlike any other in America, and even the world. There are so many unique aspects of New York it would be impossible to name them all.

New York is a diverse and ever changing landscape. The people are interesting; the weather is volatile, and neighborhoods change from street to street, meaning you only ever block away from your next adventure.

Local Customs:

New Yorkers do a lot of walking. This can be overwhelming for new tourists, so make sure you realize how expansive the city is before heading out on a stroll and know your limits.

When we’re not walking, New Yorkers choose to take the Subway. If you pick this method, make sure to move to the side to let passengers off the train – it is considered extremely rude if you don’t adhere to this unwritten rule.

NO Smoking! New Yorkers don’t smoke, and if they do, they are pretty much confined to designated smoking areas away from buildings and not in parks, and NEVER inside! Therefore, when in doubt, don’t light up.

“The city that never sleeps” still rings true with bars closing at 4 a.m. nightly, and after hours clubs staying open until well past 7 a.m. With this late night mentality, food consumption skews late as well. You will find several diners, pizza shops, and bodegas open late and sometimes 24 hours.

Everyone in New York does brunch, all of the time!

Where do the locals hang out?

It’s a safe bet that you will find locals just about anywhere except Times Square. So once you see the screens, walk in any direction and see all that’s around you, there’s where you’ll find the locals. Be it Harlem, the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, or Washington Heights – there are sights to be discovered just about everywhere!

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