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Los Angeles

The Entertainment Capital of the World


About Los Angeles and why you should visit:

Los Angeles is a county that has more than 9 million residents all jammed into 81 cities for a reason that overshadows the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Home to countless attractions, concerts and social groups Los Angeles is a place where you will never in your lifetime, run out of new experiences to have.

The two unique aspects of LA is the weather and ethnic diversity. You cannot mention Los Angeles without discussing the amazing weather. You cannot underestimate how wonderful that is. This city is amazingly diverse as well. People from all corners of the earth call Los Angeles home. The diversity gives Angelinos an opportunity to eat amazing food, experience fascinating neighborhoods, and enjoy fabulous cultural events. Throw in the awesome nightlife, beautiful beaches and Hollywood vibe, and a visit to this city becomes irresistible.
Los Angeles is a great place to visit and each time you come back it will as if you see it for the first time.

Local Customs:

People in Los Angeles enjoy the sunshine and being outside. People are friendly, both in the service industry and the general public. It’s a relatively laid back city. So take it easy, be patient and enjoy the sun. If you want to pretend that you are a Los Angeles native you will have to do these three things:

  1. Buy a pair of Converse sneakers and get them as dirty as you can before you wear them.
  2. Grab a handful of change to buy tacos from a food truck.
  3. Also have a bottle of water, never drink straight from the tap.

Where do the locals hang out?

The locals head outside. The weather lends itself to a very outdoors-oriented lifestyle. Santa Monica and Venice beach are a favorite amongst the locals and visitors alike. When you are there, relax at the beach, stroll on the boardwalk, have fun on the pier and eat at one of the numerous beachside cafés.

Another great local hangout is MacArthur Park on Alvarado and Wilshire Boulevard. This huge park is split in two by Wilshire Boulevard, and it boasts being one of the most prime locations for movies and commercials due to its beauty. This neighborhood has transformed tremendously over the past decade, and MacArthur Park is the epitome of its transformation. Here you will watch as hundreds of children and families come to relax, play soccer and enjoy the beautiful California weather in a safe, comfortable environment.

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