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Motor City


Why should we go to Detroit?

Detroit is a survivor of the highest order. Economically devastated for years by a series of misfortunes, the world had all but written off the Motor City as a destitute wasteland of crime and poverty. But the thing about Detroit that makes it Detroit is that it didn’t give up even when everyone else had. Now the city finds itself in the middle of one of the greatest comeback stories ever told. Detroit has grit. It has drive. It has a spirit that doesn’t quit.

In the past few years, the forgotten city that had been written off by so many has shown the naysayers just how wrong they were. Forward thinking, creative visionaries began to creep in with new ideas. They crept in with passion and with purpose. They took risks and great leaps of faith. Thanks to that type of bravery and innovative thinking, Detroit came back to life. Street by street and corner by corner the city found itself being restored to the thriving, energetic, booming place it was and has always had the potential to be.

Walking through Detroit today you can feel the explosive energy of so much positive change, you see the evidence all around you. The art, music and restaurant scene is thriving. Urban gardens and pop-up parks make their home in formerly empty lots. There is more to do and discover than there has ever been. People are smiling, alive and united by the excitement of it all.

Detroit is happy again. Detroit is proud. Come and see for yourself.

Local Customs:

If there is a common vibe that can be felt in Detroit, it is relaxed and friendly. The city is a mostly a casual place with an inviting energy. The people of Detroit are glad that you’re there after many years of isolation and few visitors. The residents are loving the influx of tourists and the incredible comeback that they are proud to be a part of. The city has edge and grit. It’s very “real,” and wants you to be the same. Go without false pretense and an open mind. Detroit will welcome you.

Where do the locals hang out?

Don’t go to Detroit and skip Midtown. There has been a lot of heart put into making this great neighborhood into what it is today. There is plenty to take in for those who are interested in beautiful architecture as well as a booming art scene. There is a eclectic feel in this area with unique boutiques, bars, breweries, and restaurants. More and more shops and hot spots are appearing all of the time and it is a part of the city you won’t want to miss.

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